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Everloop is a social networking site directly geared toward users between the ages of 8 and 15, although younger users are allowed to open accounts.  It encourages, but does not require parental involvement and the site is COPPA compliant.  It also just secured $3.1 million in additional funding from such investors as vFormation, Band of Angels, Deena Burnett-Bailey, Envoi Ventures, Richard Chino, and Wayne Goodrich… and this is over and above the funding it secured previously.  There are other sites trying to market social networking for kids.  Clearly Everloop is the one the VC crowd thinks is the most viable.

The problem I have with Everloop is not because of Everloop, but because of facebook.  Everloop is trying to solve a problem that facebook has no desire whatsoever to solve, and that is the problem of the consequence of children using social networking with little or no supervision, though the argument of exactly whose responsibility it is to ensure safety is a debate for another article.  To Everloop, children seem to be a class that needs some semblance of protection even though somehow that class fits into its revenue stream (rest assured, Everloop will advertise the hell out of those kids).  Facebook has so many users already, it can operate under the same premise the Chinese government operates under:  Use ’em however you want.  There’s more where they came from.

CNN is just finding out about this now.


Marketers mine your facebook page for information.