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Quote of the Day – Bourdain on Politicians

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“A miserable, hypocritical prick–whatever the system of government–is still a prick.  I tend to look at the world, still, from the point of view of a restaurant guy–a small business owner.  Right? Left? I don’t care. I look at “leaders” as if they were managers of my restaurant. I go away for four years and come back. If my business has gotten inexplicably worse, I have fewer customers, the neighbors are pissed, my employees unhappy and there’s money inexplicably missing from the till, I call that a bad leader.  I don’t know if that’s politics or simple good sense.”

Anthony Bourdain

As profound as this quote is, the rest of the blog post is worth reading as well.

He is so gonna get mail about this.

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Bourdain guest stars on Yo Gabba Gabba.

From his blog:

I love YO GABBA GABBA. I don’t care what you say, DJ Lance, Muno, Broby, Foofa, Toodie and Plex have taught my daughter many valuable lessons–like the desirability of napping, for one. Not to throw objects at Daddy’s skull. Not biting. The value of “trying again” and “not giving up.” All set to surprisingly weird, offbeat songs which–in another venue and with other lyrics, one might find oneself enjoying at a club. They get good indie bands as guests, and Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO is a regular. I know every song and every lyric by heart.

As a parent myself, I can completely relate to that.