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De mortuis nihil nisi bonum

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“Why do you grant a BULLY special status upon his death?”Andrew Breitbart

Vale culus.

Q: What’s the easiest way to make yourself look like an ass?

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A: Have a knee-jerk reaction to a selectively-edited video posted by Andrew Breitbart without fact-checking first.

With the exception of Shirley Sherrod, everybody looks bad in this one.

Breitbart was an idiot before this, but he looks bad for obvious reasons… especially for the “Context is everything” comment.  He did however make the grand leap from idiot to asshole to the tenth power with his apathy about basically attempting to ruin a person’s carreer which was then topped by his idiotic the-farmers-wife-was-planted defense, but now that has to compete with Rush Limbaugh’s Obama-set-up-the-whole-thing theory.  Tom Vilsack looks bad for not at least investigating the position of his employee… twice.  The White House looks bad for backing up Vilsack.  The NAACP looks bad when they tried to claim they were “snookered” when the fact was that they 1) just stupidly forgot that the speech was given at an NAACP event, and 2) that they just decided to not watch the whole speech.  Every media outlet who ran with this looks bad for not fact-checking, but FOX News (and I use that term loosely) sets a new low… well like they have any credibility to begin with… by flat out trying to deny any role whatsoever in inflaming this whole mess.  I think Rachel Maddow summed the whole thing up pretty well.

Racism should not be tolerated.

Stupidity shouldn’t be tolerated either.