Karen the Bus Monitor and Internet Justice

I’m a believer in due process, the rule of law, and letting the system take its course, even if the wheels grind slowly.  Unfortunately, if the suicides of smart but physically weak kids, kids that decide to come out as gay or who are outted by others, overweight kids, etc. are any indication, none of the aforementioned applies in the no-holds-barred arena of bullying.  Bullying is so relentless and its emotional toll so great it can make a victim of it pray for death when their pleas for justice are ignored.  With bullying, the wheels of justice tend to not grind at all.

Case in point was a headline story on CNN.com this morning.  This past Monday, a school bus monitor in Greece, NY (a suburb of Rochester) was verbally abused by a group of middle-schoolers to the point of being brought to tears when one of them taunted that she did not have family because…

“… they all killed themselves because they didn’t want to be near you.”

As cruel as that comment is, the cruelty is increased tenfold by the fact that Klein’s son took his own life 10 years ago.  The only saving grace to this story was that one of the little cro-mags was stupid enough to film it with their cameraphone and then post it on their facebook page.  Then someone else took it from facebook to YouTube.  This is a saving grace because the next folks to take this ball and run with it was the community at Reddit.  Once the Reddit folks got wind of this, it went from words of support to getting other media outlets involved to getting a fundraiser started to send this beleaguered woman on vacation.  Last I heard, as of 3PM Thursday afternoon, the fund was up to $270,000.

There are a lot of messages I hope this sends to the little turds that made this woman’s life hell on (I’m sure) many other occasions that didn’t get recorded.  First, once your actions see the light of day, you will be exposed for what you are:  a sub-human (I hesitate to say ‘animal.’  Never saw animals behave this way) and something that this world can do without.  Second, you are clearly outnumbered by the amount of good people in this world, judging by the response to this.  It’s unfortunate that your dumb asses just get more press.  And the final message is that while you are wallowing in whatever punishment your shithead parents and your castrated school administration finally get pressured into giving you, Mrs. Klein will be flying first class to a tropical location where she will be driven via limo to a 5-star hotel where she will then (after an afternoon at the spa) sit pool-side where she will drink large drinks served in coconuts with little umbrellas in them while two tanned and muscular cabana boys named Raoul and Javier fan her with palm leaves, and she will rest easy in the notion that shitheads like you will never bother her again.