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Here, in a nutshell…

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… is what the Occupy Wall Street protests are all about.

I am the 99%.

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I am 42 year-old married father of two who has spent from 2007 until now trying my best to outrun a recession that I feel has been breathing down my neck.  I am fortunate enough that both my wife and I have good jobs and stable incomes right now, but there was a time not that long ago that I was laid off twice in 6 months and when I wasn’t sure if my next paycheck was going to come, let alone clear.  I busted hump, pressed flesh, kissed ass, and basically had to prove that I was hungrier, more aggressive, and just wanted it more than my competition to get the job I have now.  The sad thing is that all 124 people who wanted the same job I got have it a lot harder.

I am the 99% and so are they.