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If you’re wondering why I will not vote Republican for the forseeable future…

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… and I am a registered Republican… just listen to the douchebags in the audience when this soldier asks a legitamate question.  Kinda makes you wonder what happened to all that yellow-ribbon “Support our Troops” bullshit, right?  I give Santorum a little credit for answering the question without foaming at the mouth, although his “special status” argument was debunked about a decade ago.  Whatever special status is gained by being homosexual is causing an awful lot of them to commit suicide.  I don’t see anybody running to get in line for that kind of special status.  I think it’s the same “special status” illegal immigrants get when they come here to work for less than minimum wage doing extremely hard physical labor, while people where they live are getting hung from bridges by drug cartels.

It has become glaringly apparent that what the Republican party espouses comes with a few disclaimers.

Freedom *

* Actual freedoms may vary depending on race, religion, and sexual orientation.
Consult your legislature for details. Some freedoms include indefinite imprisonment without trial,

Limited Government*

* Actual size of government may vary depending on social class, income level, and sexual orientation.
The following government agencies can answer your questions:
– The Grand Bureaucratic Department of Homeland-Protecting Rent-a-Cops
– The Joint Congressional Commission and Task Force for the Surveillance of Naughty Filthy Buttsex and Marriage Dignity Maintenance
– The Securities and Exchange Guy whose Office is a Broom Closet.

Fiscal Responsibility*

* Fiscal Responsibility does not extend to deficits that Republican administrations have created.
When in the event an opposing party secures occupation via the circumvention of our most rigorous fixed election practices occupation of the executive branch,
all debts and deficits heretofore incurred, as well as the blame and the liability thereof
shall in perpetuity be transferred to said individual.
The Department of Defense has also waived responsibility for any accountability
for its expenditures. Flights of C-130 aircrafts filled with cash
and no-bid contracts to campaign contributors shall resume immediately.

This is quite possibly the saddest video on the internet…

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… because it shows an 85 year-old Tony Bennett continuing to add to his legacy (that’s not the sad part… his story is actually extraordinary), and you get to see one of Amy Winehouse’s final performances where she somehow pulls herself out of her pill-popping, coke-snorting, heroin-and-alcohol-soaked delerium long enough to channel Billie Holiday and deliver a swan song worthy of her considerable vocal abilities.

What a fucking waste.

The US wasted $31 billion in war contracts due to corruption.

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Just to give you perspective as to how much money that is over how long a period of time…

The Commission on Wartime Contracting (.pdf) concludes that “vast amounts” of contract money in Iraq and Afghanistan provided “little or no benefit” to the war efforts.  The commission confirmed $31 billion in contractor cash lost to corruption or dysfunction. But it warned that the true figure could be as high as $60 billion, or “$12 million every day for the past 10 years.”

(Firing up the Sarcasm-inator) But teachers unions, healthcare, education funding, NPR… that’s where the real problem is in America. (Sarcasm-inator off.)

The best part of this is that for all of their pissing and moaning about ‘fiscal responsibility,’ I’m pretty sure that Congress in general and Republicans in particular will do absolutely nothing about this.