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He writes like a poet. He sings like a stroke victim.

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Yes folks, Bob Dylan turned 70 on Tuesday, May 24, 2011.  Since his voice is enough to make people jump off buildings, here’s a link to seventy artists who are not Bob Dylan doing seventy covers of his songs.

Why it’s a really bad idea to steal somebody’s laptop.

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The guy who had his laptop stolen – author of O’Reilly’s Complete Web Monitoring, Sean Power.  Incidentally, this should have been the thief’s first clue that he stole a laptop from the wrong guy.

The douchebag that stole it – Paolo Votano (bottom photo, guy on the far right)

Prey – the software that helped him find the perpetrator.

The blow-by-blow of how he got it back with the help of Twitter and some chick who will be forever known as “The girl in the purple sarong.”

Anatomy of a poorly executed smear campaign.

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It all starts:  A mystery client hires top PR firm Burson-Marsteller to execute a smear campaign against Google by claiming that Google’s Social Circle violates the privacy rights of Gmail users.

May 3, 2011:  John Mercurio of Burson-Marsteller tries to convince a blogger to write an op-ed piece critical of Google which Mercurio claims he can get re-printed in outlets like The Washington Post, Politico, The Huffington Post, and other “top-tier media outlets.  After turning down the opportunity with a skeptical “Who’s paying for this?”  The email exchange is made public on the internet.

May 6, 2011:  USAToday publishes an article outting former CNBC news anchor Jim Goldman and former political columnist John Mercurio as the two Burson employees behind the campaign.

May 12, 2011:  The Daily Beast uncovers and confirms that the mystery client is facebook.

Exquisitely beautiful example of corporate doublespeak.

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 “We take our responsibility very seriously, and I don’t think we get enough recognition for the efforts we make to ensure that there is effective worldwide regulation of a product that is harmful and that is addictive. Nevertheless, whilst it is addictive, it is not that hard to quit.”

– Louis C. Camilleri, CEO of Phillip Morris International

The best part?  He said this to a cancer nurse.

Texas. Where men live big, love big, and grow even stupider.

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If you are wondering where education falls in the list of Texas’ state priorities, here is an abbreviated list:

  1. Executing the mentally retarded
  2. Formula One racing
  3. Creationism
  4. Finding a way to keep Mexican food while expelling Mexicans
  5. Secessionist rhetoric
  6. Telling Barack Obama to go fuck himself
  7. Refusing federal aid


     210,973.  Education

Christianne Amanpour, October 3, 2008

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“I just talked to somebody very knowledgeable … that thinks that he’s in a villa, a nice comfortable villa in Pakistan.  Not a cave.”


(By the way, Obama wasn’t elected until November, 2008.)