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In honor of Black Friday…

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Happy Christmas shopping everybody!

Facebook Messages

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And why you should run screaming away… far, far away… from facebook messages.

Is this the end of digital self-publishing?

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Situation: Amazon (like Barnes and Noble and other online book retailers) offers a vehicle to publish your own e-books.  Amazon doesn’t censor what authors put up for sale, probably because of the staff it would require to read thousands of submissions.

Problem: Someone clearly supportive of pedophiles posts a ‘how-to’ manual on how to molest children as a downloadable e-book.

Question: Should Amazon be penalized for this?  This will no doubt be a precedent setting situation for the entire industry.

Jon Stewart’s speech

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Watch this speech.  Bask in how profound it is and how true his observations are.  And rest assured that no matter which group of dumbasses gets elected today, they will learn nothing from this.