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Remembering Toxie

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Remember Toxie?  The toxic asset a couple reporters at NPR purchased to watch both the cause and the effects of the financial crisis unfold before their very eyes?

Yeah.  Toxie went toxic as of today.

Down goes Facebook.

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Looks like is experiencing what is being described as a ‘service disruption.’  Let’s see how many users are staring at their monitors yelling “WORK DAMN YOU!!!!!!” and experiencing the internet’s version of a nicotine fit.

P!nk covering Led Zeppelin’s Babe I’m Gonna Leave You

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It is a rare thing indeed when a cover tune ventures into dangerous territory… the territory of possibly being as good as the original. Even rarer still when the song is as revered as Led Zeppelin’s Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, a song you had better not attempt unless you can summon some serious Robert Plant-esque vocal power.

One thing is for certain… Pink needs to do much, much more of this.

Just to give you an idea as to who is steering the ship of state…

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Chris Dodd (D-enial) claims he never he heard of the interim appointment power that is found in the bill he co-authored.

Now before you conservatives go all joygasmic with happiness, don’t think that your duly elected are any better.

John Boehner (R-eally corrupt to the point of not even giving a shit who knows about it) admits on camera to passing out checks from tobacco lobbyists (aka bribes) to members on the House floor just before they voted down a bill that would have ended tobacco subsidies.

And who can forget the batshit kookiness that is the Tea Party!  To prove that party politics’ answer to the redheaded stepchild is so totally not racist, lets take a look at a festive parade float that they decided to enter in the annual Sportsmen’s Day Parade in Naches, Washington.

Seattle blogging waiter learns some very important lessons.

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  1. Using a number twice in your series of less than 10 bullet points does not inspire confidence in your ability to both proofread an article and correctly calculate a bill.
  2. Take a tip from a former pizza delivery guy:  The money is the customer’s until the customer decides how much to give you for a tip (see Request #4… or #5 chronologically).
  3. Whatever restaurant employs this nitwit is more than likely reassessing his career path.

The blog post in question.


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Today is going to be spent doing what I would normally do on a Saturday.   I will be avoiding all political commentary and especially all self-serving punditry.  In 2001, fifteen Saudis, one Egyptian, two Emirates, and one Lebanese on the orders of some douchebag named bin Laden hijacked a bunch of planes and killed thousands of people.  As a result, leaders from both political parties, in their infinite wisdom, of course did the logical thing and authorized the invasion and occupation of a country (well, first they kinda told a fib about weapons or something) that had nothing whatsoever to do with that crime against humanity.  This wrecked, up-ended, and/or permanently altered the lives of tens of thousands more for who knows how many more years.  Many thousands of lives and billions upon billions of dollars later, we’re no closer to finding bin Laden than we were in 2001.  You want to “properly” honor 9/11?  Go to New York.  Not just today.  Anytime.  Especially Christmastime.  It’s awesome at Christmas.  Do some shopping.  Buy a dirty water hot dog.  See a show.  Buy a knock-off handbag from the Haitian guy on the corner, or even… dare I say it… a kebab from the Middle Eastern guy whose business was just as affected by 9/11 as anyone else’s was.  Get life back to normal again.  It’s the biggest middle finger you can stick in the face of a terrorist.