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Proof that there is no difference between parties.

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Below is every political ad you have ever seen for every candidate that has ever run for office.

Dear BP, Just wanna say sorry for accidentally getting our ocean all over your oil.

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In what bizarro paralell universe does BP deserve an apology for the mess that they created through a combination of negligence, mismanagement and overall apathy?  Apparently, Joe Barton, global warming denier and recipient of oil company largess, thinks they deserve one.

I want to know when the hearings for the animals that swallowed up the oil will start.  The nerve that those brown pelicans and sea turtles stealing the Gulf’s most precious natural resource!

More photos from the BP oil spill.

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BP needs to pay dearly for this.

Get ready for several decades of this. Thanks BP!

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Photos too depressing to describe. Imagine someone coming into your house and dumping this much oil on top of you.  Now leave it that way for 10+ years.  Welcome to what wildlife along the Gulf of Mexico will be experiencing.

Before Rod Stewart got famous for singing “Have I Told You Lately” to menopausal housefraus…

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… he got famous for being an actual honest-to-goodness rock star.  Here he is (with the Faces) doing far better justice than Paul McCartney ever did to “Baby I’m Amazed.”