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He is so gonna get mail about this.

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Bourdain guest stars on Yo Gabba Gabba.

From his blog:

I love YO GABBA GABBA. I don’t care what you say, DJ Lance, Muno, Broby, Foofa, Toodie and Plex have taught my daughter many valuable lessons–like the desirability of napping, for one. Not to throw objects at Daddy’s skull. Not biting. The value of “trying again” and “not giving up.” All set to surprisingly weird, offbeat songs which–in another venue and with other lyrics, one might find oneself enjoying at a club. They get good indie bands as guests, and Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO is a regular. I know every song and every lyric by heart.

As a parent myself, I can completely relate to that.

This is as good as payback gets.

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Indians put on ND reservation in 1800’s no reaping oil benefits.

We finally have somebody stupider than Sarah Palin.

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Marco Rubio slams Obama for using a teleprompter during CPAC speech…

… wait for it

while using a teleprompter.

I. Want. This. Computer.

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Actually, it’s the computing environment and the OS that runs it, but I’ll take the giant-ass monitors, gloves, and touch-screens too.  Those of you who have seen Minority Report will recall the old adage from Arthur C. Clarke about today’s science fiction being tomorrow’s science fact.

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

Making fun of Obama for using a teleprompter: Fine.

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Making fun of Obama for using a teleprompter while you have your cheat sheet written on your hand means that you are a fucking idiot.

OSHA Office Safety Helpful Hint of the Day: Working late and custodial staff.

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Do not use scissors to cut an electrical cord.  I don’t care how much the noise from the vacuum cleaner pisses you off.

The Ramones on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert

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When I was a little kid, pre- the abomination that was Solid Gold, Don Kirshner’s show was where I saw a lot of the bands I would later listen to.  For example the time when I saw this freak of nature named Joey Ramone and who I thought were his brothers play this hard, fast music called punk.

Star Wars Sound Mixer

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I can have way too much fun and waste way too much time with this.

Why more foreign cars are sold than American cars.

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Ad for a new Ford Mustang GT

Ad for a used BMW

I.T. Helpful Hint of the Day: Viewing porn on your office PC.

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  1. Don’t do it.
  2. If you just can’t control the urge, doing it during a live TV feed is not advised.

Next week:  Should you do 20 Jaeger shots the day before that big client presentation?